Hi Brein, my Brain

Brein is my partner in my life; she is always energetic. Always plan every single day, every single week, every single month, every single year, every every every.. She doesn't sleep as normal, what she love is to party, meet with friends, get together with family, work as perfectionist, ride with the favorite sports like football, volleyball, badminton, wander places and working the business.

April 2015, Brien is a state of disordered and confused for a long period of time. She need help. Brein is unfunctional. That is why I want to tell the story of Brein and Brein is the name of my Brain. Brein is so extrovert. No matter how many people, even my other body parts like hearty, eyesy telling Brein, you need to rest. Still Brein and her bestfriend, Insomi is a partner, the good and bad, so hard headed.

In whatever way, Brein, Insomi and everything in my body, is affected.

Before the two operation, I want to tell my story. March 2015, I have a job as a Marketing Coordinator in a event in Makati, Philippines. Exhausting yet exciting, I love to work in a huge event, marketing about our event, consulting and selling the private occasion.

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